We design and manufacture portable free standing pop-up escape game boxes called EUREKABOXES! As escape room owners/designers we know what it takes to engage your customers and make an impact. Perfect for Escape Room lobbies, fund raisers, expos, pop-up events, and education!

About us


What is a EUREKA BOX?

A EUREKA BOX is a portable mini escape game with all the puzzles and locks inside! Players have to find clues, solve puzzles, and work together to beat these exciting scenarios!


1. Thief-For-Hire: Its the interview of your life, will you get the big job? (NOW AVAILABLE)

2. Wreckage: Your plane has crashed, can you assemble the beacon and call for help? (COMING SOON)

3. Biohazard - Patient Zero: Can you stop a deadly viral outbreak!


4. Secret Agent: Decipher the codes to recover the stolen information! (COMING SOON)


What Scenarios are offered?